What I'm Doing Now

People often ask what I'm doing now.

I created this page to have one simple place to share it.


I have been running my own boutique digital marketing agency full-time since fall 2015. It is doing exceptionally well. When I’m not out collecting my latest adventure, I stay busy helping my clients find new customers on the internet. It's truly the coolest job ever!

I am also building a personal brand  where I teach everything I've learned about running online businesses and staying productive while fully remote. I am currently preparing to do a Tedx talk in January 2019



In June 2017 I sold everything I own and moved into a beautiful 25 foot motorhome that my boyfriend Devin and I named Limitless. I'm traveling full-time until the fall of 2018.


Current Travel Schedule

A rough outline of my current travel schedule is below. When I'm not traveling or I've grown homesick for great food and even better people, you can find me in my favorite city in the world, Austin, TX. 

  • January 2018: Austin, TX + Las Vegas 
  • February 2018: Florida 
  • March 2018: Austin, TX
  • April 2018: Austin, TX
  • May 2018: Utah and Colorado
  • June - July 2018: North East US (New York + Maine)
  • August 2018: North East US + Las Vegas
  • Sept 2018: Maine + Texas + Iceland
  • October 2018: Austin, TX
  • November 2018: Las Vegas + Austin, TX
  • December 2018: Florida

Last updated:
 December 30th, 2018.

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